Friday, August 12, 2011

Virtual Assistants - Create A New Income Stream In 15 Minutes

Friday, August 12, 2011
Are you using multiple streams of income business model for your virtual assistance business?Instead of only selling your time for money, you should also sell products on your web site. These products could be e-books, audio recordings, special reports and others. The money you can earn by selling these products will allow you work fewer hours while still making money.
Many virtual assistants tell me that they do not want to create their own e-books and audio recordings, but they still want to create multiple streams of income. They still want to work fewer hours while still making enough money and having multiple streams of income.

If you are virtual assistant, who wants to create multiple streams of income, but doesn't want to create your own e-books, special reports and audio recordings is to become an affiliate and sell other people's products. It takes five minutes to sign up for an affiliate program and start using it to make money.


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